Let us put our many years experience to work as your consultant!  We use a proven methodology to analyze operations and to provide a work plan that reduces costs, improves quality, measures productivity and improves response times through process improvements and technology. 


Riedman Workflow Design will meet with your team, take a tour of your facility and customize recommendations specificially that meet your needs.  We will conduct research to determine the optimal methods, equipment, and software for your users to interface with your financial/ERP/WMS systems using barcoding, scanning and RFID technology in each of your operations with the goal of improving your efficiency, productivity and profitability. 


We can conduct our tour virtually or in-person and offer you a comprehensive plan of options.   


Our Solutions:

Once you are ready to implement, we can provide you with the equipment, software and services to complete the job and can also be there to every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation.

We have a network of leading providers of warehousing and inventory solutions.  Our strong partnerships with world-class manufacturers, specialized service providers and software developers allow us to offer you a customized solution that may include bar coding, mobility, printing, voice, RFID and other technology.  Whether you are looking to automate a simple manual process or integrate your warehouse or manufacturing operations with your financial system, we can provide a solution that meet your needs.

Barcoding Manufacturing Consulting

Improve Tracking of inventory and labor in

manufacturing & warehouse


We will meet with your team, conduct a tour of your facility and offer up options to optimize tracking of labor and materials (raw materials, WIP, finish goods) and reduce the time and errors of manual tracking. 

We can:


  • Determine the right barcode to use (1D, 2D, DPM, RFID)

  • Evaluate the workflow to find the best scanning technology based on the environment (lighting, temp, dust, etc.) and required scan speed.

  • Ensure that scanning is properly integrated with financial/ERP/WMS systems.

  • Improve key workflow processes.

  • Determine the optimal bar code or RFID tags to use based on environment and best method to create the labels.   

  • Help you reach greater inventory accuracy - requiring less capital tied up in inventory

Warehouse IT Consulting 

Improve Inventory Tracking and Increase Warehouse Productivity

We can put our 36+ years of logistics, warehousing and IT experience to work to maximize your warehouse productivity and profitability by:

  • Implementing the best warehouse practices.

  • Determining proper scanning technology and/or integration with financial/ERP/WMS systems.

  • Improving key warehouse processes and workflows.

  • Reducing employee downtime and time spent looking for items or completed jobs.

  • Improving picking accuracy which will reduce costs.

  • Obtaining greater inventory accuracy which requires less capital tied up in inventory

  • Faster order fulfillment requires less labor.


Warehouse Workers
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