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Add scanning to EPMS to speed data input and increase accuracy with inventory transactions completed in the warehouse.

Some of the screens shown for Riedman Workflow Design’s EPMS Scan solution for a handheld scanner.

Our custom EPMS solution provides users with a ruggized warehouse mobile computer that allows users to make changes to inventory to reflect receiving, shipping, moves, and physical inventory adjustments.   This solution connects in real time via a wireless connection to EPMS.   


We can also provide an additional level of a warehousing workflow analysis and provide recommendations on changes in process and technology that will provide additional savings through productivity improvements.  This may include receiving & sorting, put-away & replenishment, cycle counting & inventory management, label printing, picking & selection, packing, staging, quality control and shipping & delivery. 

Expanding EPMS functionality to the production floor and warehouse will provide greater inventory accuracy and location.  Benefits include:

  • Less time spent looking for items or completed jobs.

  • Improved picking accuracy will reduce costs.

  • Greater inventory accuracy requires less capital tied up in inventory.

  • Faster order fulfillment requires less labor.

  • Scanning solution can be used to reduce time to complete physical inventory. 

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