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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) 

Is your WMS allowing you to effectively manage your warehouse operation and grow your business? 


How do you decide which WMS meets your requirements to effectively manage your warehouse operation and grow your business? 


We use a proven methodology to analyze your existing operation needs, customers' requirements and along with the integration of future automation technology. 

Analyzing this data will allow us to assist you in the ROI analysis and the creation of a functional specification that will streamline the WMS selection process.

Our methodology may  include some of the following:

  • Conduct a discovery session with your key stakeholders (virtual or in-person)

  • Identify warehouse key performance indicators (KPI's) required to manage the business, operations and labor. 

  • Review your current WMS, identify limitations and issues.

  • Determine what technology phase your operation is and needs to be, with phase 1 being paper based and phase 5 being lights out total automation.

  • Analyze current warehouse operations (receiving, picking, shipping, etc.) to determine your  unique business system requirements such as:

    • Customer order profiles and requirements.

    • Industry-specific needs.

    • Inbound receiving process.

    • Warehouse layout.

    • How to integrate with warehouse control systems(WCS) that manage robotics, sortation, order routing and other AI systems.

    • Storage processes and warehouse capacity.

    • How to measure worker performance.

    • Cycle counting needs.

    • Product attributes and requirements.

    • Picking process and measurements.   

    • Staging, dispatch and trailer packing needs.

    • Supervisor and management functional needs.

    • Barcoding/RFID labeling process & requirements.

    • Labeling and product measurements needs.

    • Outbound shipping process to minimize transport costs.

    • Returns process. 

    • Determine requirements around the integration with existing financial systems, yard management, automation tools, workflow/labor management tools.  I

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